Why Your Business Should Install Nappy Bins

Sanitary Disposal Bins

Nappy bins are not only beneficial for your business premises but also provide customers, valued clients, and employees with an extra level of hygiene and service in your commercial washrooms. Hygiene Concepts provides a variety of nappy bins with a variety of designs and capacities that are suitable for a range of commercial facilities.

Nappy Disposal Systems:

Many businesses resort to using general washroom bins or fail to supply a proper means for nappy disposal at all. This can cause your baby changing facilities and washrooms to smell, be extra prone to bacteria, and create an overall unpleasant experience at your establishment. The simple addition of a nappy disposal system provides commercial washrooms with a safer and more comfortable environment for parents and carers.

Hygiene Concepts’ manual nappy disposal systems are designed with easy operation in mind. Our nappy bins have strong-scented fragrant granules that contain and rid the germs and smell of soiled nappies.

Nappy Waste Collection:

We also offer a nappy waste collection service to expertly dispose of your business’s nappy bin waste for you. Our team’s commercial nappy disposal service ensures the professional and discrete disposal of nappy bin waste on a regularly scheduled basis to suit your business. All nappy bin refills include off-site waste disposal and nappy bin sanitisation. The refill bin liners are designed especially to prevent the spread of odours and germs.

The benefits of our full commercial nappy bin system and disposal services are:

  • Scheduled and professional disposal
  • Various nappy bin sizes to meet your requirements
  • Nappy bin refills with bin sanitising and deodorising bin liners
  • Washed and refreshed bin with Sanitiser Chemical every time
  • Cost-effective maintenance of commercial bathrooms, keeping them sanitary and fresh for customers and employees

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for nappy disposal with the added benefits of a commercial nappy bin, Hygiene Concepts can arrange a nappy bin to suit your business facility’s needs. Our nappy disposal systems and services are ideal for nursing homes, daycare centres, shopping centres, etc. but are suitable for any business with washrooms and parenteral room facilities. If you’d like to learn more about our services and how they can benefit your business, contact us today.