Why Every Business Needs Sanitary Bins

Having sanitary bins in any female washroom is a necessity for feminine hygiene. Whether you run a restaurant, own a small business, manage an office or maintain an entire shopping centre, products for feminine hygiene is a must in all facilities.
Many people are unaware of the basics of feminine hygiene, even though it affects about half of the population and is an inevitable part of life. If this is you or someone you know who is running a business, here are the details you need to know about sanitary bins.
Sanitary bins are placed in bathrooms for individuals to safely dispose of their hygiene products in public, business and commercial establishments. This discrete method allows items to be disposed of conveniently and safely.

It is a law according to Safe Work Australia that all female patrons must be provided with hygienic means to dispose of sanitary items. The text does not explicitly refer to sanitary bins however, this implies that it is the employer’s duty of care to provide adequate washroom services including the necessary disposal bins required.
So no matter the size of business or establishment you’re running, it is your responsibility to make sure all female workers and guests can safely access sanitary bins in the washrooms.
Just like any other products in your washroom, sanitary bins must be regularly cleaned and emptied to ensure the highest level of hygiene. If you are maintaining the bins yourself, make sure you always wear gloves and protective clothing. Otherwise, you can count on the team at Hygiene Concepts with the scheduled servicing of your sanitary bins.

At Hygiene Concepts, we have both automatic and manual sanitary bins. There are benefits to each type however automatic bins require minimal to no touching and are the safest and cleanest option. This helps prevent bacteria and contamination from spreading. No matter which sanitary unit you choose, at Hygiene Concepts we offer both options with the assurance of replacing all units at each service – freshly sanitised and lined with bactericide to eliminate odours and germs.
Whether you choose an automatic or sanitary bin, to ensure the highest level of sanitation we schedule regular servicing and offsite disposal of our sanitary units, so that no staff or customers at your business are exposed to dangerous waste. If you need sanitary bins for your business or would like to know more about our washroom services, contact Hygiene Concepts today!