Manual Sanitary Bins vs Automatic Sanitary Bins

Choosing the right sanitary disposal unit for your business

At Hygiene Concepts, we offer two methods for sanitary disposal: manual and automatic. 

Whilst they both achieve the same outcome, there are pros and cons to consider, including which one will benefit your business the most. 

No matter which sanitary unit you choose, at Hygiene Concepts we offer both options with the assurance of replacing all units at each service – freshly sanitised and lined with bactericide to eliminate odours and germs.

Here are some things to consider when deciding which type of sanitary bin to use:

The only downside of automatic bins is that they cost more, due to higher maintenance of the bin motors and regular service for battery replacement. Manual bins require less maintenance and therefore cost less. Hygiene Automatic bins are an innovative solution to reduce cross-contamination by offering a handsfree way to dispose of feminine products. Operated with batteries and a sensor, automatic sanitary bins are the safer hygiene option and the most user friendly. Although manual sanitary bins have been used for decades and are proven to be a hygienic and safe means of sanitary disposal, they do pose a higher risk of cross-contamination.

Although manual sanitary bins don’t have the main benefit of being hands-free, it’s simple design guarantees it can be used at all times. Automatic bins, however, are subject to being faulty if used in a high traffic environment, meaning higher ongoing maintenance to ensure the batteries are still operating. With this in mind, if the motor or battery fails, the bin may not be able to open which can lead to people disposing of sanitary products in a normal bin or in the toilet bowl. These instances are probable but unlikely to occur as we ensure regular servicing that suits your business.

It is important to think about who will be using your sanitary bins. If you have staff members or customers with special needs which impair their ability to use a manual sanitary bin, then an automatic bin will be the better choice. The number of users expected to use your sanitary facilities will also help to determine the most appropriate units for your washroom. For example, manual sanitary bins are the best option to keep installation and running costs down in a heavy usage environment.

Overall, you should consider the usage frequency of the units, how many are required and your hygiene services budget. Manual bins are ultimately the most cost-effective solution, however, it is highly important to also consider the users.

Whether you choose an automatic or sanitary bin, to ensure the highest level of sanitation we schedule regular servicing and offsite disposal of our sanitary units, so that no staff or customers at your business are exposed to dangerous waste. Hygiene Concepts can tailor a solution that best suits your business in accordance with hygiene standards. For more information on our hygiene solutions, feel free to visit our products and services page. Alternatively, speak to one of our friendly team members today!

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