Choosing The Right Sanitary Bin For Your Space

Hygiene Concepts branded sanitary bin

An essential part of managing any facility, be it an office space, shopping centre or school, is ensuring that the facility meets the sanitary needs of its users. Part of that is ensuring that you have the necessary sanitary bins and sanitary disposal services in place to maintain washroom hygiene. Every facility’s needs are different, … Read more

How Sanitary Bins Improve Workplace Mental Health

Sanitary bins contribute to improved workplace mental health

There are well-documented links between a lack of access to basic needs, such as sanitation or personal care items and their effects on a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Much of this research focuses on the lack of sanitation facilities, access to hygiene care products or the anxieties that may stem from disability. Sanitary bins … Read more

How Sanitary Bins Contribute to Inclusive Washrooms

Sanitary Bins & Inclusive Washrooms

To best cater to the needs of the wide diversity of people accessing your workplace, public space or event, your facilities should be inclusive. This means that not only are the facilities appropriate, such as having family rooms, ramps, elevators or disability parking, but also ensuring that these amenities are actively respected. The need for … Read more

The Benefits of Using a Professional Nappy Disposal Service

Pile of Nappies - Nappy Disposal

Professional nappy disposal services take the stress out of nappy waste disposal. Services such as Hygiene Concepts’, help advise businesses on their nappy disposal needs. They can supply the necessary equipment, such as nappy bins and bin liners, and both empty and sanitise the bins at intervals suited to a business’s needs. Nappy disposal services … Read more

The Benefits Of Maintaining Excellent Workplace Hygiene

Providing a safe and healthy work environment is an essential aspect of any workplace. Bathroom hygiene services are required to provide an avenue for employees to maintain their personal hygiene whilst at work. Good personal hygiene is your first line of defence against gastro and infectious diseases like COVID-19, common colds and the flu. Why … Read more

Why Every Business Needs Sanitary Bins

Having sanitary bins in any washroom is a necessity for hygiene purposes. Whether you run a restaurant, own a small business, manage an office or maintain an entire shopping centre, products for sanitary disposal such as sanitary bins are a must in all facilities. Why do Businesses Need Sanitary Bins? Sanitary bins are placed in bathrooms … Read more