The Benefits and Hazards of Sanitary Waste Disposal in The Workplace

Whether you are an existing business assessing your cleaning services, expanding your business or starting a new venture it is important to consider hygiene and sanitation for your current or future employees. It’s critical to choose high-quality commercial hygiene practices to maintain a clean, sanitary workplace for your staff. 

According to safe work Australia all female workers must be provided with hygienic means to dispose of sanitary items. A sanitary bin is the safest and most convenient method for sanitary disposal. This means that they are the best option to be used to fulfill this work health and safety standard. 

Hygiene and Prevention of Hazardous Waste Disposal

It is much more hygienic to utilise a sanitary waste disposal bin rather than providing no sanitary waste disposal options. Sanitary items like pads and tampons carry lots of bacteria and germs. When they are put in regular bins or flushed down the toilet the likelihood of other individuals encountering these germs become much higher. 

You can further reduce the spread of germs by purchasing Hygiene Solutions automatic sanitary waste disposal bins. These are entirely hands-free, greatly reducing the number of germs that would otherwise accumulate on the bin’s surface. 

Employee Support and Stigma Reduction

It is expected that toilet paper and soap are supplied in a public bathroom, especially an employee bathroom. Not providing these amenities can be frustrating for the people using the bathroom and the same can be said with sanitary waste disposal. It is cumbersome enough for individuals to have to deal with sanitary products every month without the added frustration of having to figure out a way to dispose of said products. 

It also helps to alleviate the negative stigma that can arise around sanitary products. By providing your employees with adequate disposal options you are minimising embarrassment and reducing the stigmas that cause the topic of menstruation to become taboo. 

Sustainability and Unnecessary Cost Avoidance

When no sanitary disposal is available employees using sanitary pads and tampons are typically flushing them down the toilet. If your employees are doing this on a regular basis it will lead to draining obstructions and huge plumbing problems in the future. The cost of fixing these problems down the line will have a huge impact on the business.  

Biodegradable liners are also used so that Hygiene Solution’s sanitary waste disposal is as sustainable as possible. 

There should be sanitary waste disposal in every public bathroom but if you are running a business providing them for your employees is even more important. If you’d like to enquire about our different sizes and options available contact the team at Hygiene Concepts today.