Setting Up a Parenting Room: Things to Consider

A well-equipped parenting room is important for parents of babies and young children. Whether you are setting up a parenting room for public use or for your employees, it is important to keep certain things in mind to ensure that your parenting room is a hygienic, safe space and functions as effectively as possible.

Here are 4 elements that should be considered when setting up a parenting room:
Adequate Space

Historically parenting rooms were an additional bathroom that was big enough to push a pram into. However, they are now a private space for parents to feed, change and care for their little ones. Parenting rooms must be designed with plenty of space for their users to be able to carry out these actions comfortably.


When setting up a parenting room, consider facilities that make life easier for parents. This may include a comfortable place for them to sit, ample sanitary bins for mothers or even automatic air fresheners to neutralise unpleasant odours that often arise in these spaces. These small details are often overlooked however they make all the difference.


Understandably, parents want a comfortable and hygienically safe environment for their child. Often businesses arrange for their facilities to be cleaned regularly however, they don’t consider the needs of a parenting room in particular. These rooms are likely going to have a bit of traffic and it is no secret that young kids can be messy. Consider how this is going to be handled.

Keeping your hands clean is the single most important element in preventing bacteria from spreading. Don’t forget the essentials, including soap and sanitiser dispensers. This may seem like common sense, however, it is often overlooked.

Waste Disposal Services

Don’t overlook waste disposal. Nappy bins are an essential part of a parenting room and it is important that the right product is selected for your room. Ensure you have professional disposal, regular servicing of the units and the correct sized bins.

Hygiene concepts provide nappy disposal service on a regular scheduled basis, to ensure that you always have a safe and practical space for parents and carers to replace and dispose of nappies. We specialise in washroom and hygiene services, working towards providing safe and clean environments. We can customise hygiene services for your business. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today.