Why You Should Have a Sanitary Bin in Your Home

If you clicked on this blog, you’re probably wondering whether or not it is worth it to have a sanitary bin in your home. Well, the answer is yes! Here are two reasons why:


For hygiene purposes

Sanitary bins are important for the hygienic disposal of feminine hygiene products such as tampons and pads. Even if you do not have any women in your household, they are important to have for when future guests and other visitors need them.

Remember that sanitary bins should always be fully enclosed, so that users cannot view any of the waste inside and to reduce odours. They should also be lined with an antibacterial bin liner (preferably biodegradable) to enable quick disposal and replacement and to reduce mess and germs from building up.


Cheaper than calling a plumber for repairs

Unlike toilet paper, tampons, pads, wipes and other sanitary items do not dissolve when flushed. This can lead to blockages or even your toilet overflowing if more products continue to be flushed this way. You will then need to call a plumber out to fix the issue (if possible). Plumbers typically charge a hefty call out fee as well as charge by the hour until the job is completed. Often it ends up that the price of a sanitary bin for one year is cheaper than one visit from a plumber.


How we can help

Designed to fit alongside nearly any toilet, our slim sanitary bins are available in both manual and automatic lids. We are finding that more and more people are opting for automatic bins these days, even in their own home, to reduce the need for touching surfaces. For further information on the advantages and disadvantages of manual sanitary bins and automatic sanitary bins, click here.

At Hygiene Concepts, we have been providing sanitary services for 20+ years to businesses and homes across Perth. We have developed a strong client base due to our reliable, safe and effective hygiene solutions. Our professional staff can collect sanitary bins at regular intervals according to your individual needs and replace them with thoroughly cleaned and freshly sanitised bins.

Contact us today to learn more about our sanitary services or to discuss what options may be available for you!