The Role of Nappy Bins in Preventing Germs and Bacteria

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is important for all businesses across Perth, especially those in settings that involve infants and toddlers. Nappy bins, such as those supplied by Hygiene Concepts, play a huge role in keeping these environments safe, hygienic, and free of germs and bacteria. Below, we will discuss how the right choice in a nappy disposal unit can make a difference in maintaining health standards in your business when looking for solutions when it comes to nappy disposal in Perth.

Made for Hygiene

Nappy bins, such as those supplied by Hygiene Concepts, are designed with hygiene at the forefront. They come equipped with strong, fragrant granules to eliminate odours and pathogens, which is essential for preventing the spread of bacteria that can occur from the disposal of diapers. This then ensures that the contents of the nappy bin do not contaminate the surrounding environment, helping to keep your business hygienic, whether it be a nursery, childcare centre, school bathroom, or public restroom. 

Regularly Serviced

Nappy bins are designed to be serviced on a regularly scheduled basis. For reputable companies such as Hygiene Concepts, this service can be scheduled according to the client’s needs, whether that be daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. The frequency is usually dictated by the usage of the nappy bins. In the process of servicing nappy bins, they will be freshly sanitised and the waste removed and disposed of off-site, meaning no staff are exposed to the germs and bacteria. 

Odor Control 

No one likes the smell that nappies leave behind, especially when the smell builds up in bathrooms after regular use. Odors are more than just a bad smell, they indicate the presence of microbes, which, if not addressed, can multiply. Our anti-odor-neutralising fragrance capsules can alleviate the spread of these microbes while, most importantly, keeping the air fresh for future use

Meet Guidelines and Principles

Preventing the spread of diseases through the use of hygienic solutions is something required for all early childhood education and care service providers The Australian Children’s Education & Core Quality Authority requires that all Children’s Care Services ensure that their nappy change routines are conducted in a way that maintains hygiene standards [1]. The National Health and Medical Research Council requires that all soiled nappies be contained in a contained space [2]. This means disposing of nappies in a hands-free bin, such as a specially designed nappy bin from Hygiene Concepts. 

Offering Peach of Mind for Parents and Staff

Parents and other carers should rest easy knowing that effective hygiene measures are in place. Because of Hygiene Concepts’ dedication to providing the best nappy disposal units, parents can be more at ease about the cleanliness and safety of the childcare setting, which helps to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Speak with our helpful team to learn more about how our nappy disposal units can help you. 


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[2] Staying Healthy: Preventing infectious diseases in early childhood education and care services – NHMRC