Choosing The Right Sanitary Bin For Your Space

An essential part of managing any facility, be it an office space, shopping centre or school, is ensuring that the facility meets the sanitary needs of its users. Part of that is ensuring that you have the necessary sanitary bins and sanitary disposal services in place to maintain washroom hygiene.

Every facility’s needs are different, but below are five essential factors to consider when choosing the right hygiene bins or services for you.


How much sanitary waste will your bin need to be able to contain between emptying? For larger high-traffic areas such as shopping centre washrooms, your hygiene bins are likely to see much more frequent use than that of a small retail store with only 3 or 4 staff members. It is essential to weigh the size or number of your sanitary bins against how frequently you’ll need to empty them to understand your sanitary waste disposal needs.

Size Of Your Washroom

Different to capacity, the size of your washroom and stalls, whether small and compact or large and spacious, can impact where or how sanitary bins may be installed in your facility. This can affect whether larger standing or compact wall-mounted hygiene bins may be more appropriate for your washroom.

Regulatory Compliance

In Australia, according to Safe Work Australia, as part of a business’s duty of care, it is required to provide patrons with a hygienic means to dispose of sanitary waste, such as with sanitary bins. Most councils mandate this for female and disabled washrooms, but it’s beneficial for men’s washrooms as well.

Additional Hygiene Features

Many sanitary bins have additional hygiene features, such as being automatic instead of manual, or foot pedals to reduce unnecessary touching of the bin. They may also include antimicrobial surfaces, odour control mechanisms or specialised liners to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. 


Sanitary bins and waste disposal services will differ in cost based on many of the factors above. Automatic sanitary bins will often be more expensive than a comparably sized manual bin, and more frequent servicing may be more expensive. 

The best solution for your facility will balance your needs across these factors.

How We Can Help With Your Perth Sanitary Bin Needs

Established in 1996 and with over 25 years of experience providing hygiene services to businesses and residential facilities across Perth, Hygiene Concepts can tailor sanitary bin services to your facility.

As one of Perth’s premier hygiene services companies, Hygiene Concepts has provided washroom solutions to approximately 2500 locations and all manner of facilities. In addition to our sanitary bin services, Hygiene Concepts can provide nappy disposal units or incontinence bins and sharps disposal.

Contact us today for any of your hygiene services or sanitary bin needs in Perth.